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Before asking your question on Steam or Discord, please check if the answer to your question is already listed here.

Do I need to purchase any content for your mods to work?

While our mods are free, they do require some official DLC to work. Which DLC are required is always listed in the mod description in Steam Workshop and on our Downloads page.


I get an unresolvable error while loading the cars or tracks.

Follow these steps to completely uninstall and reinstall the mod.

  1. 1. Unsubscribe from the mod
  2. Start and close the game launcher twice
  3. Go to \rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles
  4. Remove any existing folders called GEC and GEC (1) from the following folders:
    – AstonMartin_Vantage_GTE_2019
    – BMW_M8_GTE_2018
    – Corvette_C7R_GTE_2017
    – Ferrari_488_GTE_2020
    – Oreca_07_LMP2_2017
    – Porsche_991RSR_GTE_2017
  5. Start and close the game launcher once
  6. Subscribe to the mod again
  7. Start the game launcher and allow it to install the mod again

I own all the required DLC, but I get an error saying “Missing unknown base mod”

This is a known issue of rFactor 2 and can be solved by following these steps:

  1. Close the game and go to the Steam desktop client
  2. Unsubscribe from our mod
  3. Open your profile page and go to Inventory
  4. One by one click on the GTE cars > Show Workshop Item and unsubscribe and re-subscribe to them
  5. After starting the game again, it should reinstall all of the cars
  6. Now close the game and subscribe to our mod again
  7. Start the game and it should install correctly this time

Have you added new car models?

We haven’t added new models yet. All LMP2 and LMP1 cars are currently based on the Oreca 07 chassis, but with slightly altered performance. However, we have recruited a team member that can model cars, so we are working on creating new car models, starting with the Ginetta G60-LT-P1. If that succeeds, we will add more models, like the Dallara P217, the Ligier JS P217 and the Toyota TS050 Hybrid (if possible with some sort of applicable power boost to mimic the hybrid tech).


I can’t remove the FIA WEC mod’s content from the game after it was taken down.

The mod was taken down by Valve, because of a copyright claim. Because the mod technically still exists, but just isn’t visible anymore, it won’t automatically be uninstalled. As we cannot remove the mod completely ourselves, we are in contact with Valve to try and get the mod removed completely, which will also . In the meantime, follow these steps to uninstall the old mod.

  1. Go to your profile in the Steam desktop client
  2. Click “My Workshop” on the right side
  3. Find “DISCONTINUED -> link to new mod in description”, click on “Subscribed” next to it to unsubscribe.
  4. Start the rFactor 2 Launcher. It should uninstall all of the mod’s files automatically.

If it doesn’t uninstall automatically or if you can’t find the mod using the method above, go to Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\365960\ and remove the folder “2081847576”. Then remove the following files and folders from your game directory.

  1. The X.XXb and X.XXb (1) folders from all GTE and LMP2 folders in \Installed\Vehicles
  2. The FIAWEC_ folders from \Installed\Locations
  3. The FIA WEC files in \Installed\rFM
  4. The FIA WEC files in \UserData\player

If you’re having trouble with original cars disappearing from the game, verify the game files by following these instructions.

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