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Global Endurance Cup V0.98 released

A lot has happened since the previous update of our mod. Long story short: there were some copyright issues, which required us to make quite a few changes to the mod. These changes were too extensive to continue in the same Steam Workshop mod, so we had to create a new mod, which is uploading as I write this article.

Global Endurance Cup

With V0.98 we introduce the Global Endurance Cup. It’s the pinnacle of endurance racing with 4 classes competing in endurance races on well-known tracks around the world.

Naming changes

We have made quite a few naming changes, partly because of the copyright issues, but also in preparation of our future mods. All cars can now be found in “Global Endurance Modding” and are sorted by class. Within the classes, the cars are now sorted by number instead of manufacturer, which hopefully makes searching a specific car easier.

Beta UI

As requested by many of you, this update brings you car preview icons for the beta UI.

Circuit of the Americas

Thanks to Mark Pearce, the AI issues at Circuit of the Americas have been resolved, so we are happy to announce that all tracks of the 2019/20 calendar are now included in the mod!

Team additions and removals

Because we will be switching to Studio 397’s Ferrari 488 GTE soon, we decided to remove the additional Ferrari cars from the mod. These cars would have been removed when we switched anyway.

We did add 2 new LMP2 cars: #23 Panis Barthez Competition and the #50 Larbre Competition.

The Ford GT add-on will also feature some changes. Stay tuned for its release later this week…

All skins have been updated with new number plates and class logos and we have made some minor improvements to the mod.


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Founder of Global Endurance Modding and leader of the GEM modding team. Starting out as a graphics artist for Pro Cycling Manager, I then moved on to leading PCM.daily's Database Team to create their Expansion Pack. After a few years off, focusing on college, I now shifted to creating mods for rFactor 2 with my new Global Endurance Modding team.

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